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      私营企业 佛山市 成立年份:2009





            A company specializing in the development, production surface protection and new materials enterprises
            广东顺德君盈包装科技有限公司,位于世界制造中心和世界美食之都-广东省佛山市顺德区,是一家专业研发、生产表面保护系列环保产品的行业领跑企业。 Guangdong Shunde Grandwin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.,is located in the renowned manufacturing center and gastronomic capital of the world - Shunde District,Foshan City, Guangdong Province of China.Grandwin is the key industry leader in innovative R&D to pioneer the development and product of new technology-based environmental-friendly surface protection products. 公司骨干团队均已专注从事本行业近二十年,清晰用户的各项细节需求,在表面保护系列环保产品的制造和应用方面极具丰富的经验的行业的名望。 With a history of twenty years in the market and armed with deep market knowledge and a team of experienced technical experts of the industry,we identify closely with the precise needs of our customers in different industries. 公司多元化引进国际领先的生产工艺技术和高精度、高效率的现代生产设备,可配套双色印刷宽度达2100mm,能及时满足客户的各种需求,提供专业、周到的产品表面保护解决方案。 Grandwin pioneers the advancement of surface protection production through the incorporation of global leading technologies to become the international market leader.Further more,Grandwin invests heavily in the latest technologies and adapts high standards of procedures in our production lines to achieve superior production targets and service standards.We offers customers custmisable 2 colors logo printing and sheet protection areas up to a maximum width of 2100mm. 产品质量达到国际领先水平之余,并拥有中国制造的特色:高性价比,高服务,低成本。全方位为客户产品保驾护航。产品销售遍布全中国远销东南亚、欧美及中东等众多国家及地区。 Grandwin aims to establish a new precedence in the reputation of China-made products based on top service and unbeatable cost-effectiveness.Offering the exceptional protection material customisable to the requirements of the users.Grandwin has a wide international market penetration including the territories of South East Asia,Middle East,Europe,U.S.A and is currently the market leader in China.
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